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Associations between organizational characteristics and quality improvement activities of clinics participating in a quality improvement collaborative.Academic Article Why?
Quality improvement poster award – most innovative quality improvement solutionAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Moses, JamesPerson Why?
Parker, MargaretPerson Why?
A National Survey of Quality Improvement Education in Physician Assistant Programs.Academic Article Why?
A Quality Improvement Project to Increase Nurse Attendance on Pediatric Family Centered Rounds.Academic Article Why?
Adaptation of a nursing home culture change research instrument for frontline staff quality improvement use.Academic Article Why?
Addressing Disparities in Mother''s Milk for VLBW Infants Through Statewide Quality Improvement.Academic Article Why?
Advancing Quality Improvement with Regression Discontinuity Designs.Academic Article Why?
Applying a Theory-Driven Framework to Guide Quality Improvement Efforts in Nursing Homes: The LOCK Model.Academic Article Why?
Best Fed Beginnings: A Nationwide Quality Improvement Initiative to Increase Breastfeeding.Academic Article Why?
Blended Facilitation as an Effective Implementation Strategy for Quality Improvement and Research in Nursing Homes.Academic Article Why?
Building Systemwide Improvement Capability: Does an Organization''s Strategy for Quality Improvement Matter?Academic Article Why?
Can the national surgical quality improvement program provide surgeon-specific outcomes?Academic Article Why?
Defining quality improvement education for physician assistants.Academic Article Why?
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