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Associations between organizational characteristics and quality improvement activities of clinics participating in a quality improvement collaborative.Academic Article Why?
Quality improvement poster award – most innovative quality improvement solutionAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Moses, JamesPerson Why?
A Quality Improvement Project to Increase Nurse Attendance on Pediatric Family Centered Rounds.Academic Article Why?
Adaptation of a nursing home culture change research instrument for frontline staff quality improvement use.Academic Article Why?
Applying a Theory-Driven Framework to Guide Quality Improvement Efforts in Nursing Homes: The LOCK Model.Academic Article Why?
Best Fed Beginnings: A Nationwide Quality Improvement Initiative to Increase Breastfeeding.Academic Article Why?
Building Systemwide Improvement Capability: Does an Organization''s Strategy for Quality Improvement Matter?Academic Article Why?
Can the national surgical quality improvement program provide surgeon-specific outcomes?Academic Article Why?
Defining quality improvement education for physician assistants.Academic Article Why?
Effectiveness of the Spirometry 360 Quality Improvement Program for Improving Asthma Care: A Cluster Randomized Trial.Academic Article Why?
Feasibility of patient navigation in resident primary care practice: a screening mammography quality improvement initiative.Academic Article Why?
How to distinguish research from quality improvement.Academic Article Why?
Implementing Quality Improvement for Psychosocial Interventions--Reply.Academic Article Why?
Making quality improvement projects relevant to the 6 Institute of Medicine aims.Academic Article Why?
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