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Alcohol marketing regulation: from research to public policy.Academic Article Why?
Child hunger, food insecurity, and social policy.Academic Article Why?
Developing public policy competencies.Academic Article Why?
Public Policy and Physician Involvement: Removing Barriers, Enhancing Impact.Academic Article Why?
Social policy considerations in noncoital reproduction.Academic Article Why?
The human genome project as social policy: implications for clinical medicine.Academic Article Why?
The Human Genome Project: social policy research priorities.Academic Article Why?
Public policy statement development.Academic Article Why?
In: Alcohol and Public Policy in 8 Developing Countries (Riley L, Marshall M, eds.)Academic Article Why?
Outing Age: Public Policy Issues Affecting Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender EldersAcademic Article Why?
Primary Prevention of Failure to Thrive: Social Policy ImplicationsAcademic Article Why?
Review of The family and public policy: The issue of the 1980sAcademic Article Why?
Markets, Public Policy & LawDepartment Why?
Public PolicyConcept Why?
Raifman, JuliaPerson Why?
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