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Impacts of culture-independent diagnostic practices on public health surveillance for bacterial enteric pathogens.Academic Article Why?
Mission creep: public health surveillance and medical privacyAcademic Article Why?
Public Health SurveillanceConcept Why?
White, LauraPerson Why?
A pooled analysis of body mass index and mortality among African Americans.Academic Article Why?
Adolescent fiber intake and mammographic breast density in premenopausal women.Academic Article Why?
Analysis of results from the Joint External Evaluation: examining its strength and assessing for trends among participating countries.Academic Article Why?
Capture-recapture estimates of the undercount of workplace injuries and illnesses: sensitivity analysis.Academic Article Why?
CDC Safety Training Course for Ebola Virus Disease Healthcare Workers.Academic Article Why?
Impact of differential injury reporting on the estimation of the total number of work-related amputations.Academic Article Why?
Increasing Campylobacter Infections, Outbreaks, and Antimicrobial Resistance in the United States, 2004-2012.Academic Article Why?
Infectious disease surveillance in the 21st century: an integrated web-based surveillance and case management system.Academic Article Why?
Measuring Sexual and Gender Minority Populations in Health Surveillance.Academic Article Why?
Respective contribution of chronic conditions to disability in France: results from the national Disability-Health Survey.Academic Article Why?
Standards for epidemiologic studies and surveillance of epilepsy.Academic Article Why?
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