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A novel proteolytic processing of prolysyl oxidase.Academic Article Why?
A unique proteolytic cleavage site on the beta subunit of the insulin receptor.Academic Article Why?
Analytic study of three-dimensional single cell migration with and without proteolytic enzymes.Academic Article Why?
Characterizing human colorectal carcinomas by proteolytic profile.Academic Article Why?
Factors affecting the proteolytic degradation of elastin.Academic Article Why?
Genetic programming by the proteolytic fragments of the amyloid precursor protein: somewhere between confusion and clarity.Academic Article Why?
Handbook of Proteolytic EnzymesAcademic Article Why?
Handbook of Proteolytic Enzymes (Rawlings, N. D. and Salvesen, G. S., ed.)Academic Article Why?
In vivo imaging of proteolytic activity in atherosclerosis.Academic Article Why?
Matrilin-2 is proteolytically cleaved by ADAMTS-4 and ADAMTS-5.Academic Article Why?
Oral fluid proteolytic effects on histatin 5 structure and function.Academic Article Why?
Pancreatic proteolytic enzyme therapy compared with gemcitabine-based chemotherapy for the treatment of pancreatic cancer.Academic Article Why?
Post-translational glycosylation and proteolytic processing of a lysyl oxidase precursor.Academic Article Why?
Proteolytic activation of human pancreatitis-associated protein is required for peptidoglycan binding and bacterial aggregation.Academic Article Why?
Proteolytic processing of dynamin by cytoplasmic cathepsin L is a mechanism for proteinuric kidney disease.Academic Article Why?
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