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Concentration and fate of histatins and acidic proline-rich proteins in the oral environment.Academic Article Why?
Salivary proline-rich proteins and gluten: Do structural similarities suggest a role in celiac disease?Academic Article Why?
Helmerhorst, EvaPerson Why?
Tandem mass spectrometry for structural characterization of proline-rich proteins: application to salivary PRP-3.Academic Article Why?
Cell-free translation of proline-rich protein mRNAS from human submandibular gland.Academic Article Why?
Parotid salivary basic proline-rich proteins inhibit HIV-I infectivity.Academic Article Why?
Conformational changes in salivary proline-rich protein 1 upon adsorption to calcium phosphate crystals.Academic Article Why?
Electron-microscopic demonstration of proline-rich proteins, statherin, and histatins in acquired enamel pellicles in vitro.Academic Article Why?
Salivary micelles: identification of complexes containing MG2, sIgA, lactoferrin, amylase, glycosylated proline-rich protein and lysozyme.Academic Article Why?
Genetic polymorphism of proline-rich human salivary proteins.Academic Article Why?
Human salivary mucin MG1 selectively forms heterotypic complexes with amylase, proline-rich proteins, statherin, and histatins.Academic Article Why?
Immunological comparison of proline-rich proteins from human and primate parotid secretion.Academic Article Why?
Stylopeptide 2, a proline-rich cyclodecapeptide from the sponge Stylotella sp.Academic Article Why?
The isolation from human parotid saliva of a further group of proline-rich proteins.Academic Article Why?
Ultrastructural localization of salivary acidic proline-rich proteins from Macaca fascicularis.Academic Article Why?
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