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A time-series analysis of air pollution and preterm birth in Pennsylvania, 1997-2001.Academic Article Why?
Accuracy of fetal fibronectin to predict preterm birth in twin gestations with symptoms of labor.Academic Article Why?
Antenatal corticosteroids trial in preterm births to increase neonatal survival in developing countries: study protocol.Academic Article Why?
Changes in the relationship between marriage and preterm birth, 1989-2006.Academic Article Why?
Crohn''s disease is a risk factor for preterm birth.Academic Article Why?
Effect of late-preterm birth and maternal medical conditions on newborn morbidity risk.Academic Article Why?
Hair-relaxer use and risk of preterm birth among African-American women.Academic Article Why?
Income incongruity, relative household income, and preterm birth in the Black Women's Health Study.Academic Article Why?
Life course variation in the relation between maternal marital status and preterm birth.Academic Article Why?
Neighborhood socioeconomic status in relation to preterm birth in a U.S. cohort of black women.Academic Article Why?
Obstetrical intervention and the singleton preterm birth rate in the United States from 1991-2006.Academic Article Why?
Oral inflammatory burden and preterm birth.Academic Article Why?
Placental inflammatory response is associated with poor neonatal growth: preterm birth cohort study.Academic Article Why?
Postpartum oral health parameters in women with preterm birth.Academic Article Why?
Prenatal care and risk of preterm birth among foreign and US-born mothers in Michigan.Academic Article Why?
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