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A Prepare-Your-Own Orthodontic Office ManualAcademic Article Why?
Better prepared but spread too thin: the impact of emergency preparedness funding on local public health.Academic Article Why?
Thyroid hormone status regulates preprotachykinin-A gene expression in male rat anterior pituitary.Academic Article Why?
The promise and peril of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP): using social science to inform prep interventions among female sex workers.Academic Article Why?
Raifman, JuliaPerson Why?
Colonoscopy is appropriately utilized in most cases following a fair bowel prep.Academic Article Why?
Prognostic factors for pulmonary embolism: the prep study, a prospective multicenter cohort study.Academic Article Why?
The DELTA PREP Initiative: Accelerating Coalition Capacity for Intimate Partner Violence Prevention.Academic Article Why?
The Pathways and Resources for Participation and Engagement (PREP): methodological contributions to environment-focused interventions.Academic Article Why?
U.S. Guidelines that empower women to prevent HIV with pre-exposure prophylaxis: Women and PrEP Guidelines.Academic Article Why?
A Structural Approach to improving HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Implementation Among High Risk MenGrant Why?
INSTI PrEP StudyGrant Why?
Portable Nucleic Acid Prep, Storage, and Shipping DeviceGrant Why?
PREP ScholarAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Rapid Assessment of PrEP Acceptability and Need among Non-Urban PWID in the US NortheastGrant Why?
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