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Limiting the proliferation of polyploid cells.Academic Article Why?
Experimental design and error detection for polyploid radiation hybrid mapping.Academic Article Why?
Polyploid measles virus with hexameric genome length.Academic Article Why?
Statistical methods for polyploid radiation hybrid mapping.Academic Article Why?
Ubiquitin-dependent degradation of cyclin B is accelerated in polyploid megakaryocytes.Academic Article Why?
Megakaryocyte polyploidy is inhibited by lysyl oxidase propeptide.Academic Article Why?
Increased polyploidy in aortic vascular smooth muscle cells during aging is marked by cellular senescence.Academic Article Why?
Inhibition of nuclear polyploidy by propranolol in aortic smooth muscle cells of hypertensive rats.Academic Article Why?
Polyploidy in prenatal genetic diagnosis.Academic Article Why?
Polyploidy: mechanisms and cancer promotion in hematopoietic and other cells.Academic Article Why?
Polyploidy: occurrence in nature, mechanisms, and significance for the megakaryocyte-platelet system.Academic Article Why?
Roads to polyploidy: the megakaryocyte example.Academic Article Why?
Upregulation of Nox4 in the aging vasculature and its association with smooth muscle cell polyploidy.Academic Article Why?
Vascular smooth muscle cell polyploidy: an adaptive or maladaptive response?Academic Article Why?
Ravid, KatyaPerson Why?
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