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Policy evaluation: better living through research.Academic Article Why?
Making AIDS Policy Sexy: Evaluation of AIDS Policy Training to Engender a Gendered and Human Rights Response in VietnamAcademic Article Why?
Banerjee, SouvikPerson Why?
Greece, JaceyPerson Why?
Sociodemographic determinants in the hospitalization decision: evaluation of an emergency department interhospital transfer policy.Academic Article Why?
Technology in American Health Care: Policy Directions for Effective Evaluation and ManagementAcademic Article Why?
Prospective Evaluation of a Comprehensive Smoke-Free Public Housing Policy in a Multi-State SettingGrant Why?
Weighing up disability.Academic Article Why?
Strengthening Multisectoral Leadership and Engagement on HIV/AIDS in Vietnam: Evidence from an Evaluation of AIDS Policy Training in Six ProvincesAcademic Article Why?
Human exposure monitoring and evaluation in the Arctic: the importance of understanding exposures to the development of public health policy.Academic Article Why?
Maximizing health benefits and minimizing inequality: incorporating local-scale data in the design and evaluation of air quality policies.Academic Article Why?
Effect of written and computerized decision support aids for the U.S. Agency for Health Care Policy and Research depression guidelines on the evaluation of hypothetical clinical scenarios.Academic Article Why?
Opening the Black Box of Communication and Decision-Making for Lung Cancer Screening and Nodule Evaluation. Implications for Policy and Practice.Academic Article Why?
Science and persuasion: environmental disease in U.S. courts.Academic Article Why?
Military-related PTSD, current disability policies, and malingering.Academic Article Why?
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