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A scale to measure nurses'' and providers'' patient centered care in primary care settings.Academic Article Why?
Diminishing Patient Face Time in Residencies and Patient-Centered Care.Academic Article Why?
Don''t forget patients in patient-centered care.Academic Article Why?
Patient-Centered Care in Primary Care Scale: Pilot Development and Psychometric Assessment.Academic Article Why?
Provider perspectives on and experiences with engagement of patients and families in implementing patient-centered care.Academic Article Why?
Service line structure and decision-maker attention in three health systems: Implications for patient-centered care.Academic Article Why?
Teaching Principles of Patient-Centered Care During Radiology Residency.Academic Article Why?
Toward patient-centered care: a systematic review of older adults'' views of quality emergency care.Academic Article Why?
Transforming a System: Improving Patient-Centered Care for Sexual and Gender Minority Veterans.Academic Article Why?
Sullivan, JenniferPerson Why?
Garg, ArvinPerson Why?
Collaborative capacity and patient-centered care in the Veterans'' Health Administration Community Living Centers.Academic Article Why?
Don’t Forget Patients In Patient-Centered CareAcademic Article Why?
Evidence-based practice and patient-centered care: Doing both well.Academic Article Why?
My life, my story: Teaching patient centered care competencies for older adults through life story work.Academic Article Why?
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