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Rosen, AmyPerson Why?
Enhancing patient safety through organizational learning: Are patient safety indicators a step in the right direction?Academic Article Why?
Borzecki, AnnPerson Why?
A Systematic Review of Patient Safety Measures in Adult Primary Care.Academic Article Why?
Do patient safety indicators explain increased weekend mortality?Academic Article Why?
Identifying adverse events after outpatient surgery: improving measurement of patient safety.Academic Article Why?
Improving identification of postoperative respiratory failure missed by the patient safety indicator algorithm.Academic Article Why?
Measuring the cost of hospital adverse patient safety events.Academic Article Why?
Patient safety series: obstetric safety improvement and its reflection in reserved claims.Academic Article Why?
Strategies for Developing and Recognizing Faculty Working in Quality Improvement and Patient Safety.Academic Article Why?
The impact of a medical procedure service on patient safety, procedure quality and resident training opportunities.Academic Article Why?
Using AHRQ patient safety indicators to detect postdischarge adverse events in the Veterans Health Administration.Academic Article Why?
Comparing safety climate in naval aviation and hospitals: implications for improving patient safety.Academic Article Why?
Improving the identification of postoperative wound dehiscence missed by the Patient Safety Indicator algorithm.Academic Article Why?
Mull, HillaryPerson Why?
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