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Listener Perception of Monopitch, Naturalness, and Intelligibility for Speakers With Parkinson''s Disease.Academic Article Why?
The impact of motor symptoms on self-reported anxiety in Parkinson''s disease.Academic Article Why?
Sustained attention training reduces spatial bias in Parkinson''s disease: a pilot case series.Academic Article Why?
Sleep in Parkinson''s disease: a comparison of actigraphy and subjective measures.Academic Article Why?
Self-Reported Exercise Trends in Parkinson''s Disease Patients.Academic Article Why?
Predicting outcomes in Parkinson''s disease: comparison of simple motor performance measures and The Unified Parkinson''s Disease Rating Scale-III.Academic Article Why?
Stigma as a key determinant of health-related quality of life in Parkinson''s disease.Academic Article Why?
Sensorimotor adaptation of voice fundamental frequency in Parkinson''s disease.Academic Article Why?
Impairment of PARK14-dependent Ca(2+) signalling is a novel determinant of Parkinson''s disease.Academic Article Why?
Alexithymia and apathy in Parkinson''s disease: neurocognitive correlates.Academic Article Why?
Cumulative exposure to lead and cognition in persons with Parkinson''s disease.Academic Article Why?
Pragmatic comprehension deficit in Parkinson''s disease.Academic Article Why?
Genetic overlap between Alzheimer''s disease and Parkinson''s disease at the MAPT locus.Academic Article Why?
Using a Macro Social Work Strategy to Improve Outreach in Parkinson''s Disease Research.Academic Article Why?
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