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Statewide Retrospective Review of Familial Pancreatic Cancer in Delaware, and Frequency of Genetic Mutations in Pancreatic Cancer Kindreds.Academic Article Why?
A case-control study of reproductive factors, female hormone use, and risk of pancreatic cancer.Academic Article Why?
A pooled analysis of body mass index and pancreatic cancer mortality in african americans.Academic Article Why?
A Tale of Two Cities: Reconsidering Adjuvant Radiation in Pancreatic Cancer Care.Academic Article Why?
Adjusting to pancreatic cancer: perspectives from first-degree relatives.Academic Article Why?
Adjuvant gemcitabine and concurrent radiation for patients with resected pancreatic cancer: a phase II study.Academic Article Why?
c-Met is a marker of pancreatic cancer stem cells and therapeutic target.Academic Article Why?
Chemoradiation therapy: localized esophageal, gastric, and pancreatic cancer.Academic Article Why?
Circulating fetuin-A in patients with pancreatic cancer: a hospital-based case-control study.Academic Article Why?
Coffee and pancreatic cancer.Academic Article Why?
Conditional survival in pancreatic cancer: better than expected.Academic Article Why?
Current immunotherapeutic approaches in pancreatic cancer.Academic Article Why?
Differences in survival by histologic type of pancreatic cancer.Academic Article Why?
Dosimetric feasibility of hypofractionated proton radiotherapy for neoadjuvant pancreatic cancer treatment.Academic Article Why?
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