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Allograft-Transmitted Histoplasma capsulatum Infection in a Solid Organ Transplant Recipient.Academic Article Why?
Can cytokine removal in brain-dead patients improve transplant organ survival?Academic Article Why?
Clinical aspects of fungal infection in organ transplant recipients.Academic Article Why?
Cytomegalovirus infection in organ transplant recipients.Academic Article Why?
Health-related quality of life in parents of pediatric solid organ transplant recipients in Japan.Academic Article Why?
Infection in organ-transplant recipients.Academic Article Why?
On oncogenic BRAF, melanomagenesis and organ transplant recipients--"the more we know, the less we understand".Academic Article Why?
Organ transplants: the need for rational policies.Academic Article Why?
Pregnancy outcomes in solid organ transplant recipients with exposure to mycophenolate mofetil or sirolimus.Academic Article Why?
The Impact of Clostridium difficile Infection on Future Outcomes of Solid Organ Transplant Recipients.Academic Article Why?
Travel medicine and the solid organ transplant recipient.Academic Article Why?
Arteriovenous fistulas in renal transplants: color Doppler ultrasound observations.Academic Article Why?
Development of cell markers in subretinal rabbit retinal transplants.Academic Article Why?
Effects of suprachiasmatic transplants on circadian rhythms of neuroendocrine function in golden hamsters.Academic Article Why?
Fetal brain tissue transplants and recovery of locomotion following damage to sensorimotor cortex in rats.Academic Article Why?
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