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Optics and PhotonicsConcept Why?
Ziegler, LawrencePerson Why?
Analytical model of light reflectance for extraction of the optical properties in small volumes of turbid media.Academic Article Why?
Low-coherent backscattering spectroscopy for tissue characterization.Academic Article Why?
Measurement of the spatial backscattering impulse-response at short length scales with polarized enhanced backscattering.Academic Article Why?
Optics of cone photoreceptors in the chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus).Academic Article Why?
Particle sizing with a fast polar nephelometer.Academic Article Why?
Quantitative spectroscopic imaging for non-invasive early cancer detection.Academic Article Why?
Scattering differentiates Alzheimer disease in vitro.Academic Article Why?
Singh, SatishPerson Why?
Temporal variations of skin pigmentation in C57BL/6 mice affect optical bioluminescence quantitation.Academic Article Why?
Bigio, IrvingPerson Why?
Reinhard, BjornPerson Why?
Kowall, NeilPerson Why?
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