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A Pragmatic Preoperative Prediction Score for Nonhome Discharge After Cardiac Operations.Academic Article Why?
A thousand operations for ulcer disease.Academic Article Why?
Airborne fiber levels during asbestos operations and maintenance work in a large office buildingAcademic Article Why?
Airborne fiber levels in a hospital operations and maintenance programAcademic Article Why?
Blood transfusion in orthopaedic operations.Academic Article Why?
Clinical Operations Variables are Associated With Blood Pressure Outcomes.Academic Article Why?
Collaborative health and enforcement operations on the quality of antimalarials and antibiotics in southeast Asia.Academic Article Why?
Counterfactual cognitive operations in dreamsAcademic Article Why?
Effect of graft material on loss of erythrocytes after aortic operations.Academic Article Why?
Glucose-insulin-potassium solutions improve outcomes in diabetics who have coronary artery operations.Academic Article Why?
Marginal analysis in assessing factors contributing time to physician in the Emergency Department using operations data.Academic Article Why?
Mesenteric leaf repair of pelvic defects following exenterative operations.Academic Article Why?
Never Events after Hepatopancreatobiliary OperationsAcademic Article Why?
Never events after hepatopancreatobiliary operations.Academic Article Why?
Operations for Esophageal DiverticulaAcademic Article Why?
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