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A thousand operations for ulcer disease.Academic Article Why?
Blood transfusion in orthopaedic operations.Academic Article Why?
Clinical Operations Variables are Associated With Blood Pressure Outcomes.Academic Article Why?
Effect of graft material on loss of erythrocytes after aortic operations.Academic Article Why?
Glucose-insulin-potassium solutions improve outcomes in diabetics who have coronary artery operations.Academic Article Why?
Operations for Esophageal DiverticulaAcademic Article Why?
Operations tempo and soldier health: The moderating effect of wellness behaviorsAcademic Article Why?
Outcomes after operations for anal fistula: results of a prospective, multicenter, regional study.Academic Article Why?
Outcomes of minimally invasive antireflux operations in the elderly: a comparative review.Academic Article Why?
Partnering with health system operations leadership to develop a controlled implementation trial.Academic Article Why?
Poor predictive value of hematocrit and hemodynamic parameters for erythrocyte deficits after extensive elective vascular operations.Academic Article Why?
Posttraumatic stress disorder and Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom: progress in a time of controversy.Academic Article Why?
Preoperative cardiac evaluation is unnecessary in most patients undergoing vascular operations.Academic Article Why?
Reduction of allogeneic blood transfusions after open heart operations by lowering cardiopulmonary bypass prime volume.Academic Article Why?
Reversible inactivation of visual processing operations in middle suprasylvian cortex of the behaving cat.Academic Article Why?
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