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Registration practices for observational studies on indicated low adherence.Academic Article Why?
Good Practices for Observational Studies of Maternal Weight and Weight Gain in Pregnancy.Academic Article Why?
Restarting Human Participant Research at Community-based Observational Studies during the COVID-19 Pandemic.Academic Article Why?
Selection biases in observational studies affect associations between ''moderate'' alcohol consumption and mortality.Academic Article Why?
The global burden of unsafe medical care: analytic modelling of observational studies.Academic Article Why?
Effect Estimates in Randomized Trials and Observational Studies: Comparing Apples With Apples.Academic Article Why?
Effects of imperfect test sensitivity and specificity on observational studies of influenza vaccine effectiveness.Academic Article Why?
Hypovitaminosis D in bariatric surgery: A systematic review of observational studies.Academic Article Why?
Restricted Mean Survival Times to Improve Communication of Evidence from Cancer Randomized Trials and Observational Studies.Academic Article Why?
Obesity Paradox in Recurrent Attacks of Gout in Observational Studies: Clarification and Remedy.Academic Article Why?
A rapid outcomes ascertainment system improves the quality of prognostic and pharmacogenetic outcomes from observational studies.Academic Article Why?
Analysis of observational studies: a guide to understanding statistical methods.Academic Article Why?
Cardiovascular risks of hypertension: lessons from observational studies.Academic Article Why?
A most stubborn bias: no adjustment method fully resolves confounding by indication in observational studies.Academic Article Why?
Addressing bias in observational studies of alcohol withdrawal syndrome: a call to the field.Academic Article Why?
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