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Hartmann, ChristinePerson Why?
Berlowitz, DanPerson Why?
Adding a Nursing Information Technology Subscale to the Practice Environment Scale of the Nursing Work Index.Academic Article Why?
Studying Nursing Home Innovation: The Green House Model of Nursing Home Care.Academic Article Why?
Clinical findings associated with radiographic pneumonia in nursing home residents.Academic Article Why?
Physical abuse of older adults in nursing homes: a random sample survey of adults with an elderly family member in a nursing home.Academic Article Why?
Measuring the influence of professional nursing practice on global hospital performance in an organizational context.Academic Article Why?
Nursing home assessment of cognitive impairment: development and testing of a brief instrument of mental status.Academic Article Why?
Resident Choice: A Nursing Home Staff Perspective on Tensions and Resolutions.Academic Article Why?
Response comparability of family and staff proxies for nursing home residents.Academic Article Why?
Lanza, MarilynPerson Why?
The university hospital nurse extender model. Part III, Program evaluation.Academic Article Why?
Current evidence on perinatal home visiting and intimate partner violence.Academic Article Why?
Quantifying nursing workflow in medication administration.Academic Article Why?
Breaking with tradition: the new groups in professional nursing.Academic Article Why?
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