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Hepatocyte nuclear factor-4a interacts with other hepatocyte nuclear factors in regulating transthyretin gene expression.Academic Article Why?
Waxman, DavidPerson Why?
Restoration of nuclear-import failure caused by triple A syndrome and oxidative stress.Academic Article Why?
An implantable nuclear-fueled circulatory support system V: acute physiologic analyses.Academic Article Why?
Enhancing nuclear receptor-induced transcription requires nuclear motor and LSD1-dependent gene networking in interchromatin granules.Academic Article Why?
Inhibition of hepatocyte nuclear factor 4 transcriptional activity by the nuclear factor kappaB pathway.Academic Article Why?
Nuclear-fueled circulatory support systems XII: current status.Academic Article Why?
p63 Transcription Factor Regulates Nuclear Shape and Expression of Nuclear Envelope-Associated Genes in Epidermal Keratinocytes.Academic Article Why?
Organic-Soluble Lanthanide Nuclear-Magnetic-Resonance Shift-Reagents for Sulfonium and Isothiouronium SaltsAcademic Article Why?
Implantable Nuclear-Fueled Circulatory Support Systems IX: Systems AnalysisAcademic Article Why?
Implantable Nuclear-Fueled Circulatory Support Systems VI: Respiratory Management and Avoidance of Bovine Respiratory Distress SyndromeAcademic Article Why?
Nuclear-Fueled Circulatory Support Systems VIII: Status of the Tidal Regenerator Engine SystemAcademic Article Why?
Nuclear-Fueled Circulatory Support Systems XVIII: Augmented Performance of the Tidal Regenerator EngineAcademic Article Why?
Shape-resonance-enhanced nuclear-motion effects in molecular photoionizationAcademic Article Why?
The nuclear-cytoplasmic [Ca2+] gradient in single mammalian vascular smooth muscle cells.Academic Article Why?
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