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The neuroendocrinology of posttraumatic stress disorder: new directions.Academic Article Why?
Updates in the neuroendocrinology of stress and its clinical management.Academic Article Why?
NeuroendocrinologyConcept Why?
Ananthakrishnan, SoniaPerson Why?
Weber, H.Person Why?
Kuohung, WendyPerson Why?
Rasmusson, AnnPerson Why?
3H-Estradiol uptake and retention by target tissues of light-sterilized female rats.Academic Article Why?
Chromatographic and immunochemical characterization of neurotensin in cat adrenal gland and its release during splanchnic nerve stimulation.Academic Article Why?
Effects of neonatal ovariectomy upon 3H-estradiol uptake by target tissues of androgen-sterilized female rats.Academic Article Why?
Effects of progesterone on uptake and retention of 3 H-testosterone in the neonatal female rate.Academic Article Why?
Further studies in deoxycorticosterone acetate treated rats: brain content of mineralocorticoid and glucocorticoid receptors and effect of steroid antagonists on salt intake.Academic Article Why?
Neonatal estrogen affects preoptic/anterior hypothalamic LHRH differently in adult male and female rats.Academic Article Why?
NeurotensinAcademic Article Why?
Physiological significance of neurotensin in pituitary glycoprotein hormone release as revealed by in vivo and in vitro studies with neurotensin antiserum.Academic Article Why?
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