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Bhutta, ZulfiqarPerson Why?
A comparison of maternal and newborn health services costs in Sindh Pakistan.Academic Article Why?
Innovative approaches for improving maternal and newborn health--A landscape analysis.Academic Article Why?
Interventions to Improve Neonatal Health and Later Survival: An Overview of Systematic Reviews.Academic Article Why?
Equity dimensions of the availability and quality of reproductive, maternal and neonatal health services in Zambia.Academic Article Why?
(Oral Presentation and Panel) Global Maternal Newborn Health ConferenceAcademic Article Why?
A role for science investments in advancing newborn health.Academic Article Why?
Approaches to improve the quality of maternal and newborn health care: an overview of the evidence.Academic Article Why?
Assessment of obstetric and neonatal health services in developing country health facilities.Academic Article Why?
Cost effectiveness analysis of strategies for maternal and neonatal health in developing countries.Academic Article Why?
Effects of Prenatal Poverty on Infant Health: State Earned Income Tax Credits and Birth Weight.Academic Article Why?
Empowering communities for maternal and newborn health.Academic Article Why?
Essential childbirth and postnatal interventions for improved maternal and neonatal health.Academic Article Why?
Impact of packaged interventions on neonatal health: a review of the evidence.Academic Article Why?
Improving Newborn Infant Health in Developing Countries (Costello A, Manandhar D, Eds.)Academic Article Why?
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