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Lower numbers of natural killer T cells in HIV-1 and Mycobacterium leprae co-infected patients.Academic Article Why?
Individuals with pulmonary tuberculosis have lower levels of circulating CD1d-restricted NKT cells.Academic Article Why?
Natural Killer T-CellsConcept Why?
A comprehensive ex vivo functional analysis of human NKT cells reveals production of MIP1-a and MIP1-ß, a lack of IL-17, and a Th1-bias in males.Academic Article Why?
Exosome-like nanoparticles from intestinal mucosal cells carry prostaglandin E2 and suppress activation of liver NKT cells.Academic Article Why?
Lower cytokine secretion ex vivo by natural killer T cells in HIV-infected individuals is associated with higher CD161 expression.Academic Article Why?
NK cells and CD1d-restricted NKT cells respond in different ways with divergent kinetics to IL-2 treatment in primary HIV-1 infection.Academic Article Why?
Skewed distribution of circulating activated natural killer T (NKT) cells in patients with common variable immunodeficiency disorders (CVID).Academic Article Why?
Snyder-Cappione , JenniferPerson Why?
Disseminated varicella infection due to the vaccine strain of varicella-zoster virus, in a patient with a novel deficiency in natural killer T cells.Academic Article Why?
Expansion of CD1d-restricted NKT cells in patients with primary HIV-1 infection treated with interleukin-2.Academic Article Why?
Intestinal mucus-derived nanoparticle-mediated activation of Wnt/ß-catenin signaling plays a role in induction of liver natural killer T cell anergy in mice.Academic Article Why?
Extranodal natural killer cell/t-cell lymphoma, nasal type, presenting as cutaneous nodules and a small-bowel perforation.Academic Article Why?
Invariant natural killer T (iNKT) cell exhaustion in sarcoidosis.Academic Article Why?
Lower numbers of circulating Natural Killer T (NK T) cells in individuals with human T lymphotropic virus type 1 (HTLV-1) associated neurological disease.Academic Article Why?
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