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Content and outcomes of narrative medicine programmes: a systematic review of the literature through 2019.Academic Article Why?
Narrative Medicine Elective at Boston University School of MedicineGrant Why?
NarrationConcept Why?
Wingerter, SarahPerson Why?
Anand, PriaPerson Why?
A Mother''s Warning.Academic Article Why?
A novel process for integrating patient stories into patient education interventions: incorporating lessons from theater arts.Academic Article Why?
African American Veterans Storytelling: A Multisite Randomized Trial to Improve Hypertension.Academic Article Why?
Brief report: the relationship between discourse deficits and autism symptomatology.Academic Article Why?
Can stories influence African-American patients'' intentions to change hypertension management behaviors? A randomized control trial.Academic Article Why?
Comparing narrative and informational videos to increase mammography in low-income African American women.Academic Article Why?
Does the location of a narrative comment section affect feedback on a lecture evaluation form?Academic Article Why?
Healthcare Providers'' Responses to Narrative Communication About Racial Healthcare Disparities.Academic Article Why?
How narrative-based approaches distort medical decision-making.Academic Article Why?
Medial temporal and neocortical contributions to remote memory for semantic narratives: evidence from amnesia.Academic Article Why?
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