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Bcl-2 expression identifies an early stage of myogenesis and promotes clonal expansion of muscle cells.Academic Article Why?
FXR1 splicing is important for muscle development and biomolecular condensates in muscle cells.Academic Article Why?
Cellular and molecular diversity in skeletal muscle development: news from in vitro and in vivo.Academic Article Why?
Miller, JeffreyPerson Why?
Muscle DevelopmentConcept Why?
Nuclear bodies reorganize during myogenesis in vitro and are differentially disrupted by expression of FSHD-associated DUX4.Academic Article Why?
Acceleration of somitic myogenesis in embryos of myogenin promoter-MRF4 transgenic mice.Academic Article Why?
Intermediate filaments in cardiac myogenesis: nestin in the developing mouse heart.Academic Article Why?
MRF4 can substitute for myogenin during early stages of myogenesis.Academic Article Why?
Multiple cellular processes regulate expression of slow myosin heavy chain isoforms during avian myogenesis in vitro.Academic Article Why?
Myoblast diversity in skeletal myogenesis: how much and to what end?Academic Article Why?
Myogenesis and the intermediate filament protein, nestin.Academic Article Why?
Myostatin inhibits myogenesis and promotes adipogenesis in C3H 10T(1/2) mesenchymal multipotent cells.Academic Article Why?
POU homeodomain genes and myogenesis.Academic Article Why?
Secretion and transcriptional regulation of transforming growth factor-beta 3 during myogenesis.Academic Article Why?
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