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State of the art review: molecular diagnosis of inherited movement disorders. Movement Disorders Society task force on molecular diagnosis.Academic Article Why?
Antineuronal antibodies in movement disorders.Academic Article Why?
A placebo-controlled trial of selegiline (L-deprenyl) in the treatment of tardive dyskinesia.Academic Article Why?
Clinical-Radiologic Correlation of Extraocular Eye Movement Disorders: Seeing beneath the Surface.Academic Article Why?
Effectiveness of an inpatient movement disorders program for patients with atypical parkinsonism.Academic Article Why?
Movement disorder following excitotoxin lesions in primates.Academic Article Why?
Movement Disorders in the Intensive Care Unit.Academic Article Why?
Physostigmine test in the rabbit syndrome and tardive dyskinesia.Academic Article Why?
Racial Demographics in an Urban Movement Disorders ClinicAcademic Article Why?
Movement DisordersConcept Why?
Stereotypic Movement DisorderConcept Why?
Hohler, AnnaPerson Why?
Wolozin, BenjaminPerson Why?
ACR-ACNM Practice Parameter for the Performance of Dopamine Transporter (DaT) Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) Imaging for Movement Disorders.Academic Article Why?
At the interface of sensory and motor dysfunctions and Alzheimer''s disease.Academic Article Why?
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