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Normal motor nerve conduction studies using surface electrode recording from the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, deltoid, and biceps.Academic Article Why?
Peripheral and spinal motor reorganization after nerve injury and repair.Academic Article Why?
Disorders of the ocular motor nerves.Academic Article Why?
Miller, JeffreyPerson Why?
Noninvasive measurement of neuronal activity with near-infrared optical imaging.Academic Article Why?
Cervical nerve root stimulation. Part II: findings in primary demyelinating neuropathies and motor neuron disease.Academic Article Why?
Patterns of neuronal degeneration in the motor cortex of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patients.Academic Article Why?
Cre-inducible Adeno Associated Virus-mediated Expression of P301L Mutant Tau Causes Motor Deficits and Neuronal Degeneration in the Substantia Nigra.Academic Article Why?
Differential expression of c-Ret in motor neurons versus non-neuronal cells is linked to the pathogenesis of ALS.Academic Article Why?
Close-range blast exposure is associated with altered functional connectivity in Veterans independent of concussion symptoms at time of exposure.Academic Article Why?
Fetal brain tissue transplants and recovery of locomotion following damage to sensorimotor cortex in rats.Academic Article Why?
Functional organization of a neural network for aversive olfactory learning in Caenorhabditis elegans.Academic Article Why?
Geometric Navigation of Axons in a Cerebral Pathway: Comparing dMRI with Tract Tracing and Immunohistochemistry.Academic Article Why?
Transcriptional Control of Synaptic Remodeling through Regulated Expression of an Immunoglobulin Superfamily Protein.Academic Article Why?
Cumulative lead exposure in community-dwelling adults and fine motor function: comparing standard and novel tasks in the VA normative aging study.Academic Article Why?
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