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Folding of pig gastric mucin non-glycosylated domains: a discrete molecular dynamics study.Academic Article Why?
Molecular dynamics simulation study reveals potential substrate entry path into ?-secretase/presenilin-1.Academic Article Why?
Replica exchange statistical temperature molecular dynamics algorithm.Academic Article Why?
Studies of bicalutamide-excipients interaction by combination of molecular docking and molecular dynamics simulation.Academic Article Why?
Straub, JohnPerson Why?
Performance of a docking/molecular dynamics protocol for virtual screening of nutlin-class inhibitors of Mdmx.Academic Article Why?
Ab initio discrete molecular dynamics approach to protein folding and aggregation.Academic Article Why?
Calibration of dynamic molecular rulers based on plasmon coupling between gold nanoparticles.Academic Article Why?
Characterizing the structural ensemble of ?-secretase using a multiscale molecular dynamics approach.Academic Article Why?
Combined Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Experimental Studies of the Structure and Dynamics of Poly-Amido-Saccharides.Academic Article Why?
Direct molecular dynamics observation of protein folding transition state ensemble.Academic Article Why?
Glassy behavior of a homopolymer from molecular dynamics simulations.Academic Article Why?
Isobaric Molecular Dynamics Version of the Generalized Replica Exchange Method (gREM): Liquid-Vapor Equilibrium.Academic Article Why?
Molecular dynamics of excited state intramolecular proton transfer: 3-hydroxyflavone in solution.Academic Article Why?
Molecular dynamics simulation of NO recombination to myoglobin mutants.Academic Article Why?
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