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Dispelling the myths surrounding traditional birth attendants.Academic Article Why?
Dissatisfaction with traditional birth attendants in rural Tanzania.Academic Article Why?
Effect of training traditional birth attendants on neonatal mortality (Lufwanyama Neonatal Survival Project): randomised controlled study.Academic Article Why?
Reasons for home delivery and use of traditional birth attendants in rural Zambia: a qualitative study.Academic Article Why?
Training Zambian traditional birth attendants to reduce neonatal mortality in the Lufwanyama Neonatal Survival Project (LUNESP).Academic Article Why?
Characteristics of nurse-midwife patients and visits, 1991.Academic Article Why?
Midwife-attended births in the United States, 1990-2012: results from revised birth certificate data.Academic Article Why?
State regulation, payment policies, and nurse-midwife services.Academic Article Why?
Trends in midwife-attended births in the United States, 1989-2009.Academic Article Why?
A cross-national analysis of midwifery politics: six lessons for midwives.Academic Article Why?
Trends in midwife-attended births, 1989 to 2007.Academic Article Why?
Births attended by certified nurse-midwives in the United States in 2005.Academic Article Why?
The Evolving Role of Midwives as Laborists.Academic Article Why?
A comparison of visits and practices of nurse-midwives and obstetrician-gynecologists in ambulatory care settings.Academic Article Why?
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