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Developing the mental health workforce: review and application of training approaches from multiple disciplines.Academic Article Why?
Mental Health Service Utilization Among Natural Disaster Survivors With Perceived Need for Services.Academic Article Why?
Design and development of a mental health assessment and intervention system.Academic Article Why?
Does mental health stigma change across the deployment cycle?Academic Article Why?
Improving risk adjustment of self-reported mental health outcomes.Academic Article Why?
Mental health assessment in rehabilitation research.Academic Article Why?
Mental health consequences of disasters.Academic Article Why?
Mental health needs of returning veterans.Academic Article Why?
The incremental value of self-reported mental health measures in predicting functional outcomes of veterans.Academic Article Why?
Attitudes about the VA health-care setting, mental illness, and mental health treatment and their relationship with VA mental health service use among female and male OEF/OIF veterans.Academic Article Why?
Disparities in mental health treatment following the World Trade Center Disaster: implications for mental health care and health services research.Academic Article Why?
Mental health and illness in Boston's children and adolescents: one city's experience and its implications for mental health policy makers.Academic Article Why?
A novel surveillance approach for disaster mental health.Academic Article Why?
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