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Devaiah, AnandPerson Why?
Delayed cochlear implantation after surgical labyrinthectomy.Academic Article Why?
Antibodies to 68 kd antigen--specific for inner ear disease?Academic Article Why?
Etanercept therapy for immune-mediated cochleovestibular disorders: a multi-center, open-label, pilot study.Academic Article Why?
Large vestibular aqueduct syndrome and endolymphatic hydrops: two presentations of a common primary inner-ear dysfunction?Academic Article Why?
Otolaryngolog Head Neck Surg Clinics N ArAcademic Article Why?
Utility of area curve ratio electrocochleography in early Meniere disease.Academic Article Why?
Grundfast, KennethPerson Why?
Jick, SusanPerson Why?
Edwards, HeatherPerson Why?
Brook, ChristopherPerson Why?
Spiegel, JeffreyPerson Why?
Clinical indicators useful in predicting response to the medical management of Meniere's disease.Academic Article Why?
Weber, PeterPerson Why?
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