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A selective effect of Mpl ligand on mRNA stabilization during megakaryocyte differentiation.Academic Article Why?
Control of megakaryocyte expansion and bone marrow fibrosis by lysyl oxidase.Academic Article Why?
Cyclin D3 and megakaryocyte development: exploration of a transgenic phenotype.Academic Article Why?
Megakaryocyte pathology and bone marrow fibrosis: the lysyl oxidase connection.Academic Article Why?
Megakaryocyte polyploidy is inhibited by lysyl oxidase propeptide.Academic Article Why?
New roads to a megakaryocyte inner territory.Academic Article Why?
Polyploidy: occurrence in nature, mechanisms, and significance for the megakaryocyte-platelet system.Academic Article Why?
Roads to polyploidy: the megakaryocyte example.Academic Article Why?
Role of a serine/threonine kinase, Mst1, in megakaryocyte differentiation.Academic Article Why?
Selective targeting of gene products with the megakaryocyte platelet factor 4 promoter.Academic Article Why?
Using retroviruses to express genes in primary megakaryocyte lineage cells.Academic Article Why?
A new transgenic mouse model for the study of cell cycle control in megakaryocytes.Academic Article Why?
BclxL overexpression in megakaryocytes leads to impaired platelet fragmentation.Academic Article Why?
Conditional overexpression of transgenes in megakaryocytes and platelets in vivo.Academic Article Why?
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