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Scott, NancyPerson Why?
Combining task shifting and community-based care to improve maternal health: Practical approaches and patient perceptions.Academic Article Why?
Contributions to prematurity of maternal health conditions, subfertility, and assisted reproductive technology.Academic Article Why?
Health care financing and utilization of maternal health services in developing countries.Academic Article Why?
Maternal health and health-seeking behaviors among indigenous Mam mothers from Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.Academic Article Why?
Maternal Health in the United States.Academic Article Why?
Strengthening the postpartum transition of care to address racial disparities in maternal health.Academic Article Why?
A process evaluation plan for assessing a complex community-based maternal health intervention in Ogun State, Nigeria.Academic Article Why?
Evaluation Of A Maternal Health Program In Uganda And Zambia Finds Mixed Results On Quality Of Care And Satisfaction.Academic Article Why?
Systematic review on human resources for health interventions to improve maternal health outcomes: evidence from low- and middle-income countries.Academic Article Why?
Sakala, CarolPerson Why?
Declercq, EugenePerson Why?
Gordon, SarahPerson Why?
Linkages among reproductive health, maternal health, and perinatal outcomes.Academic Article Why?
Development of Common Maternal Health Concept Dictionary for Mobile Platforms; the formation of the Mobile Maternal Health Working GroupAcademic Article Why?
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