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Ultrastructural organization of recombinant Marburg virus nucleoprotein: comparison with Marburg virus inclusions.Academic Article Why?
Muhlberger, ElkePerson Why?
Mire, ChadPerson Why?
Protection against lethal Marburg virus infection mediated by lipid encapsulated small interfering RNA.Academic Article Why?
Antibody Responses to Marburg Virus in Egyptian Rousette Bats and Their Role in Protection against Infection.Academic Article Why?
Forty-five years of Marburg virus research.Academic Article Why?
Immune correlates of postexposure vaccine protection against Marburg virus.Academic Article Why?
Lack of Marburg Virus Transmission From Experimentally Infected to Susceptible In-Contact Egyptian Fruit Bats.Academic Article Why?
Marburg Virus Infection in Egyptian Rousette Bats, South Africa, 2013-20141.Academic Article Why?
Marburg virus infection in nonhuman primates: Therapeutic treatment by lipid-encapsulated siRNA.Academic Article Why?
Protective mAbs and Cross-Reactive mAbs Raised by Immunization with Engineered Marburg Virus GPs.Academic Article Why?
Temporal Characterization of Marburg Virus Angola Infection following Aerosol Challenge in Rhesus Macaques.Academic Article Why?
The Calcium Channel Blocker Bepridil Demonstrates Efficacy in the Murine Model of Marburg Virus Disease.Academic Article Why?
Transcriptional Profiling of the Immune Response to Marburg Virus Infection.Academic Article Why?
Durability of a vesicular stomatitis virus-based marburg virus vaccine in nonhuman primates.Academic Article Why?
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