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Animal procedure laboratory surveys: use of the animal laboratory to improve physician confidence and ability.Academic Article Why?
Biocontainment laboratories: addressing the terror within.Academic Article Why?
Building the body: active learning laboratories that emphasize practical aspects of anatomy and integration with radiology.Academic Article Why?
Cancer skills laboratories for medical students: a promising approach for cancer education.Academic Article Why?
Fall-prevention policies in pediatric sleep laboratories.Academic Article Why?
Recommendations for clinical exercise laboratories: a scientific statement from the american heart association.Academic Article Why?
Changing health policies and clinical laboratory services.Academic Article Why?
The resurgence of tuberculosis: is your laboratory ready?Academic Article Why?
Laboratory response to anthrax bioterrorism, New York City, 2001.Academic Article Why?
Mycobacterium tuberculosis testing practices in hospital, commercial and state laboratories in the New England states.Academic Article Why?
A pseudoepidemic due to laboratory contamination deciphered by molecular analysis.Academic Article Why?
Commercialization of clinical genetic laboratory services: in whose best interest?Academic Article Why?
Occupational health hazards in the interventional laboratory: time for a safer environment.Academic Article Why?
Structured inquiry-based learning: Drosophila GAL4 enhancer trap characterization in an undergraduate laboratory course.Academic Article Why?
The Blout laboratory at Harvard Medical School from 1957 to 1972.Academic Article Why?
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