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Effectiveness of Knee Injury and Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear Prevention Programs: A Meta-Analysis.Academic Article Why?
Pattern of joint damage in persons with knee osteoarthritis and concomitant ACL tears.Academic Article Why?
Anterior Cruciate Ligament OsteoArthritis Score (ACLOAS): Longitudinal MRI-based whole joint assessment of anterior cruciate ligament injury.Academic Article Why?
Prevalence of tibiofemoral osteoarthritis 15 years after nonoperative treatment of anterior cruciate ligament injury: a prospective cohort study.Academic Article Why?
Loss of anterior cruciate ligament integrity and the development of radiographic knee osteoarthritis: a sub-study of the osteoarthritis initiative.Academic Article Why?
Prospective comparison of auto and allograft hamstring tendon constructs for ACL reconstruction.Academic Article Why?
The association between meniscal and cruciate ligament damage and knee pain in community residents.Academic Article Why?
Guermazi, AliPerson Why?
Cruciate ligament injuries of the knee: A meta-analysis of the diagnostic performance of 3D MRI.Academic Article Why?
Creevy, WilliamPerson Why?
Dacron ligament reconstruction for chronic anterior cruciate ligament insufficiency.Academic Article Why?
Postoperative range of motion following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using autograft hamstrings: a prospective, randomized clinical trial of early versus delayed reconstructions.Academic Article Why?
Autograft Versus Allograft Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Prospective, Randomized Clinical Study With a Minimum 10-Year Follow-up.Academic Article Why?
CORR Insights®: Does Combined Intra- and Extraarticular ACL Reconstruction Improve Function and Stability? A Meta-analysis.Academic Article Why?
Comparison in knee osteoarthritis joint damage patterns among individuals with an intact, complete and partial anterior cruciate ligament rupture.Academic Article Why?
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