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Update on the risks of complications after knee arthroscopy.Academic Article Why?
Arthroscopy for degenerative knee--a difficult habit to break?Academic Article Why?
Arthroscopic surgery for degenerative knee arthritis and meniscal tears: a clinical practice guideline.Academic Article Why?
Knee Arthroscopy Cohort Southern Denmark (KACS): protocol for a prospective cohort study.Academic Article Why?
Englund, MartinPerson Why?
Knee arthroscopies: who gets them, what does the radiologist report, and what does the surgeon find? An evaluation from southern Sweden.Academic Article Why?
Signs of knee osteoarthritis common in 620 patients undergoing arthroscopic surgery for meniscal tear.Academic Article Why?
The use of the Cryo/Cuff versus ice and elastic wrap in the postoperative care of knee arthroscopy patients.Academic Article Why?
Arthroscopy as a treatment for knee osteoarthritis.Academic Article Why?
Patient reported outcomes in patients undergoing arthroscopic partial meniscectomy for traumatic or degenerative meniscal tears: comparative prospective cohort study.Academic Article Why?
Author reply: To PMID 24800623.Academic Article Why?
Arthroscopic management of intra-articular low-velocity gunshot wounds of the knee.Academic Article Why?
Conundrum of mechanical knee symptoms: signifying feature of a meniscal tear?Academic Article Why?
How effective is a saline arthrogram for wounds around the knee?Academic Article Why?
Intraarticular findings after gunshot wounds through the knee.Academic Article Why?
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