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Interleukin-16. Growth Characteristics of Interleukin-16Academic Article Why?
Effect of IL-16 Derived Peptides on IL-16 Bioactivities InvitroGrant Why?
Cultured human fibroblasts express constitutive IL-16 mRNA: cytokine induction of active IL-16 protein synthesis through a caspase-3-dependent mechanism.Academic Article Why?
Phenotype of IL-16-producing cells in bronchial mucosa: evidence for the human eosinophil and mast cell as cellular sources of IL-16 in asthma.Academic Article Why?
A role for IL-16 in the cross-talk between dendritic cells and T cells.Academic Article Why?
Association of increased CD4+ T-cell infiltration with increased IL-16 gene expression in atopic dermatitis.Academic Article Why?
B lymphocyte-derived IL-16 attracts dendritic cells and Th cells.Academic Article Why?
CD4 ligand IL-16 inhibits the mixed lymphocyte reaction.Academic Article Why?
Conservation of structure and function between human and murine IL-16.Academic Article Why?
Cutting edge: IL-16/CD4 preferentially induces Th1 cell migration: requirement of CCR5.Academic Article Why?
Decreased renal ischemia-reperfusion injury by IL-16 inactivation.Academic Article Why?
Effect of interleukin-16-blocking peptide on parameters of allergic asthma in a murine model.Academic Article Why?
Emerging role of IL-16 in cytokine-mediated regulation of multiple sclerosis.Academic Article Why?
Human mast cells produce the CD4+ T lymphocyte chemoattractant factor, IL-16.Academic Article Why?
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