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Comparative effectiveness research and medical informatics.Academic Article Why?
An informatics approach to integrating genetic and neurological data in speech and language neuroscience.Academic Article Why?
Ontology and the future of dental research informatics.Academic Article Why?
Friedman, RobertPerson Why?
Flow: Statistics, visualization and informatics for flow cytometry.Academic Article Why?
Informatics platform for global proteomic profiling and biomarker discovery using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry.Academic Article Why?
Informatics tools for the development of action-oriented triggers for outpatient adverse drug events.Academic Article Why?
Supporting patient care beyond the clinical encounter: three informatics innovations from partners health care.Academic Article Why?
Behavioral Cardiovascular Disease Prevention using InformaticsGrant Why?
Behavioral Health Informatics Capacity Building in ChinaGrant Why?
Biomedical and Health Informatics Research TrainingGrant Why?
Biomedical Informatics MBL/NLM Course FellowAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Dental InformaticsConcept Why?
Health Informatics ProgramDepartment Why?
InformaticsConcept Why?
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