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Health Plan ImplementationConcept Why?
A call for the development and implementation of a targeted national melanoma screening program.Academic Article Why?
Abbott, Jodi FrancesPerson Why?
Assessing coordination of legal-based efforts across jurisdictions and sectors for obesity prevention and control.Academic Article Why?
Evaluating healthcare information technology outside of academia: observations from the national resource center for healthcare information technology at the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.Academic Article Why?
Factors associated with difficult electronic health record implementation in office practice.Academic Article Why?
Formative evaluation: a critical component in EHR implementation.Academic Article Why?
Implementation of guidelines on stroke prevention.Academic Article Why?
Implementing health care reform in Massachusetts: strategic lessons learned.Academic Article Why?
Improving and sustaining delivery of CPT for PTSD in mental health systems: a cluster randomized trial.Academic Article Why?
Improving patient care through leadership engagement with frontline staff: a Department of Veterans Affairs case study.Academic Article Why?
Lessons learned from a policy decision to coordinate a multijurisdiction H1N1 response with a single incident management team.Academic Article Why?
Operational rules for the implementation of INN prescribing.Academic Article Why?
Overcoming challenges in implementing a minimally invasive esophagectomy program at a Veterans Administration medical center.Academic Article Why?
Patient-Centered Medical Home Implementation and Burnout Among VA Primary Care Employees.Academic Article Why?
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