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Finding a better immunization strategy.Academic Article Why?
Frequency and nature of recorded childhood immunization-related errors in Greece.Academic Article Why?
Immunizations and infectious disease screening for internationally adopted children.Academic Article Why?
Algorithm to assess causality after individual adverse events following immunizations.Academic Article Why?
Children and international travel: immunizations.Academic Article Why?
The clinical content of preconception care: immunizations as part of preconception care.Academic Article Why?
Rates of [1-13C]oxidation in guatemalan children with chronic immunostimulationAcademic Article Why?
Developing evidence-based immunization recommendations and GRADE.Academic Article Why?
Overview of the Clinical Consult Case Review of adverse events following immunization: Clinical Immunization Safety Assessment (CISA) network 2004-2009.Academic Article Why?
Safety of influenza immunizations and treatment during pregnancy: the Vaccines and Medications in Pregnancy Surveillance System.Academic Article Why?
Confronting the immunization problem: proposals for compensation reform.Academic Article Why?
Immunization rates and vaccine beliefs among patients with inflammatory bowel disease: an opportunity for improvement.Academic Article Why?
Minding the immunization gap: family characteristics associated with completion rates in rural Ethiopia.Academic Article Why?
Protective mAbs and Cross-Reactive mAbs Raised by Immunization with Engineered Marburg Virus GPs.Academic Article Why?
Using a registry to improve immunization delivery.Academic Article Why?
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