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Myers, RichardPerson Why?
Inaugural Huntington Disease Clinical Research Symposium Organized by the Huntington Study GroupAcademic Article Why?
Ryu, HoonPerson Why?
Tetrabenazine as anti-chorea therapy in Huntington disease: an open-label continuation study. Huntington Study Group/TETRA-HD Investigators.Academic Article Why?
Somatostatin is increased in the basal ganglia in Huntington disease.Academic Article Why?
Suicide and attempted suicide in Huntington disease: implications for preclinical testing of persons at risk.Academic Article Why?
A study of chorea after tetrabenazine withdrawal in patients with Huntington disease.Academic Article Why?
Alterations in brain transition metals in Huntington disease: an evolving and intricate story.Academic Article Why?
Interaction of normal and expanded CAG repeat sizes influences age at onset of Huntington disease.Academic Article Why?
Assessment of cortical and striatal involvement in 523 Huntington disease brains.Academic Article Why?
[Huntington disease: 7 cases with relatively preserved neostriatal islets].Academic Article Why?
Anthropometric discrimination among affected, at-risk, and not-at-risk individuals in families with Huntington disease.Academic Article Why?
Attitudes toward presymptomatic testing in Huntington disease.Academic Article Why?
Factors associated with HD CAG repeat instability in Huntington disease.Academic Article Why?
Huntington disease: no evidence for locus heterogeneity.Academic Article Why?
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