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Concentration and fate of histatins and acidic proline-rich proteins in the oral environment.Academic Article Why?
Evidence of intact histatins in the in vivo acquired enamel pellicle.Academic Article Why?
Physical parameters of hydroxyapatite adsorption and effect on candidacidal activity of histatins.Academic Article Why?
Anticandidal activity of major human salivary histatins.Academic Article Why?
Electron-microscopic demonstration of proline-rich proteins, statherin, and histatins in acquired enamel pellicles in vitro.Academic Article Why?
Human salivary mucin MG1 selectively forms heterotypic complexes with amylase, proline-rich proteins, statherin, and histatins.Academic Article Why?
Immunocytochemical localization of histatins in human salivary glands.Academic Article Why?
Inhibition of experimental gingivitis in beagle dogs with topical salivary histatins.Academic Article Why?
Localization of the genes for histatins to human chromosome 4q13 and tissue distribution of the mRNAs.Academic Article Why?
Molecular cloning of human submandibular histatins.Academic Article Why?
Physiological regulation of the secretion of histatins and statherins in human parotid saliva.Academic Article Why?
Recombinant histatins: functional domain duplication enhances candidacidal activity.Academic Article Why?
Salivary histatins in human deep posterior lingual glands (of von Ebner).Academic Article Why?
Salivary histatins in patients with recurrent oral candidiasis.Academic Article Why?
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