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Therapeutic fetal-globin inducers reduce transcriptional repression in hemoglobinopathy erythroid progenitors through distinct mechanisms.Academic Article Why?
BCL11A is a major HbF quantitative trait locus in three different populations with beta-hemoglobinopathies.Academic Article Why?
Butyrate treatment in beta-hemoglobinopathies.Academic Article Why?
Butyrate-induced reactivation of the fetal globin genes: a molecular treatment for the beta-hemoglobinopathies.Academic Article Why?
Carrier detection and prenatal diagnosis of hemoglobinopathies in Ontario.Academic Article Why?
DNA diagnosis for the detection of sickle hemoglobinopathies.Academic Article Why?
Good practice guidelines for laboratory investigation of hemoglobinopathies.Academic Article Why?
Prenatal diagnosis of hemoglobinopathies in Ontario, Canada.Academic Article Why?
Prospects of gene therapy for hemoglobinopathies.Academic Article Why?
Targeted fetal hemoglobin induction for treatment of beta hemoglobinopathies.Academic Article Why?
The interactions of alpha-thalassemia with hemoglobinopathies.Academic Article Why?
Systematic documentation and analysis of human genetic variation in hemoglobinopathies using the microattribution approach.Academic Article Why?
Perrine-Faller, SusanPerson Why?
From Screening to Thriving: Life-Span Hemoglobinopathy CareGrant Why?
Fetal globin stimulant therapies in the beta-hemoglobinopathies: principles and current potential.Academic Article Why?
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