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Knowledge for better health: a conceptual framework and foundation for health research systems.Academic Article Why?
Inclusion of quasi-experimental studies in systematic reviews of health systems research.Academic Article Why?
Health Services Research in the 21st Century.Academic Article Why?
Opening a window on systems science research in health promotion and public health.Academic Article Why?
LeaRRN: the Learning Health Systems Rehabilitation Research Network - CollabGrant Why?
Brennan, AlanaPerson Why?
Wirtz, VeronikaPerson Why?
Biemba, GodfreyPerson Why?
Presented at Organizational research on health care systems conferenceAcademic Article Why?
Quasi-experimental study designs series-paper 12: strengthening global capacity for evidence synthesis of quasi-experimental health systems research.Academic Article Why?
Health policy and systems research in access to medicines: a prioritized agenda for low- and middle-income countries.Academic Article Why?
A foundation's response to the need for better health statistics.Academic Article Why?
Slavin, MaryPerson Why?
Jette, AlanPerson Why?
Behind the scenes in health care improvement: the complex structures and emergent strategies of Implementation Science.Academic Article Why?
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