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Health literacy and the disenfranchised: the importance of collaboration between limited English proficiency and health literacy researchers.Academic Article Why?
Advances in Health Literacy Research--and Meditations on a Tool Shed.Academic Article Why?
Advancing health literacy research.Academic Article Why?
Assessing Health Literacy in Deaf American Sign Language Users.Academic Article Why?
Caring for patients with limited health literacy: a 76-year-old man with multiple medical problems.Academic Article Why?
Communicating genetic and genomic information: health literacy and numeracy considerations.Academic Article Why?
Current Perspectives in Health Literacy Research.Academic Article Why?
Development and evaluation of the Korean Health Literacy Instrument.Academic Article Why?
Education level, not health literacy, associated with information needs for patients with cancer.Academic Article Why?
Health literacy and 30-day hospital readmission after acute myocardial infarction.Academic Article Why?
Health literacy and 30-day postdischarge hospital utilization.Academic Article Why?
Health literacy and usability of clinical trial search engines.Academic Article Why?
Health literacy and warfarin therapy at two anticoagulation clinics in Brazil.Academic Article Why?
Health literacy measurement: an inventory and descriptive summary of 51 instruments.Academic Article Why?
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