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Health insurance is dead; long live health insurance.Academic Article Why?
When should preventive treatment be paid for by health insurance?Academic Article Why?
After the false start--what can we expect from the new health insurance marketplaces?Academic Article Why?
Equity in access to child health insurance in the United States.Academic Article Why?
Abortion politics and health insurance reform.Academic Article Why?
Consumer Health Insurance Shopping Behavior and Challenges: Lessons From Two State-Based Marketplaces.Academic Article Why?
Decision-Making Experiences Of Consumers Choosing Individual-Market Health Insurance Plans.Academic Article Why?
Effects Of The ACA's Health Insurance Marketplaces On The Previously Uninsured: A Quasi-Experimental Analysis.Academic Article Why?
Health insurance and mortality in US adults.Academic Article Why?
Health insurance design and conservative therapy for low back pain.Academic Article Why?
Health insurance exchanges -- key link in a better-value chain.Academic Article Why?
Health insurance for Hispanic and other children: access to care.Academic Article Why?
Health insurance politics in federal court.Academic Article Why?
Heterogeneous effects of health insurance on out-of-pocket expenditure on medicines in Mexico.Academic Article Why?
In The Affordable Care Act''s Shadow: The Fate Of The Children''s Health Insurance Program.Academic Article Why?
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