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Jha, Ashish KumarPerson Why?
Can reverse innovation catalyse better value health care?Academic Article Why?
High-Value Health Care -- A Sustainable Proposition.Academic Article Why?
Selected Invitee, Value-Based Health Care Delivery Intensive SeminarAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Statement of the Problem: Health Reform, Value-Based Purchasing, Alternative Payment Strategies, and Children and Youth With Special Health Care Needs.Academic Article Why?
Determining Value and Price in Health Care.Academic Article Why?
Association between the Value-Based Purchasing pay for performance program and patient mortality in US hospitals: observational study.Academic Article Why?
Estimating private sector values for VA health care: an overview.Academic Article Why?
Hsu, HeatherPerson Why?
Deprescribing Policies: Time for a Fresh Approach.Academic Article Why?
President’s prize for Value-based Healthcare DeliveryAward or Honor Receipt Why?
The value of the medical home for children without special health care needs.Academic Article Why?
Time to get serious about pay for performance.Academic Article Why?
Validation of Laboratory Values in a Heterogeneous Healthcare System: The US Veterans Affairs ExperienceAcademic Article Why?
Impact of Financial Incentives on Early and Late Adopters among US Hospitals: observational study.Academic Article Why?
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