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Adult health behaviors over the life course by sexual orientation.Academic Article Why?
Adverse health behaviors and the detection of partner violence by clinicians.Academic Article Why?
Automated telephone conversations to assess health behavior and deliver behavioral interventions.Academic Article Why?
Conceptual models of health behavior: research in the emergency care settings.Academic Article Why?
Depressive symptoms during pregnancy: relationship to poor health behaviors.Academic Article Why?
Effect of preventive messages tailored to family history on health behaviors: the Family Healthware Impact Trial.Academic Article Why?
Effects of a mail and telephone intervention on breast health behaviors.Academic Article Why?
Effects of an exercise intervention on other health behaviors in overweight/obese post-menopausal women.Academic Article Why?
Ethnographic interviews to elicit patients' reactions to an intelligent interactive telephone health behavior advisor system.Academic Article Why?
Foreign-born and US-born black women: differences in health behaviors and birth outcomes.Academic Article Why?
Health behavior changes after genetic risk assessment for Alzheimer disease: The REVEAL Study.Academic Article Why?
Health Behaviors and Self-Reported Health Among Cancer Survivors by Sexual Orientation.Academic Article Why?
Health behaviors of cancer survivors of different sexual orientations.Academic Article Why?
Influence of age and health behaviors on stroke risk: lessons from longitudinal studies.Academic Article Why?
Multiple health behavior clusters among female college students.Academic Article Why?
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