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Disseminated HSV-2 presenting with relapsing encephalomyelitis.Academic Article Why?
Impaired intrinsic immunity to HSV-1 in human iPSC-derived TLR3-deficient CNS cells.Academic Article Why?
Male circumcision for the prevention of HSV-2 and HPV infections.Academic Article Why?
Acyclovir and transmission of HIV-1 from persons infected with HIV-1 and HSV-2.Academic Article Why?
Comparative clinical evaluation of the IsoAmp(®) HSV Assay with ELVIS(®) HSV culture/ID/typing test system for the detection of herpes simplex virus in genital and oral lesions.Academic Article Why?
Combined HSV-1 recombinant and amplicon piggyback vectors: replication-competent and defective forms, and therapeutic efficacy for experimental gliomas.Academic Article Why?
Functional coexpression of HSV-1 thymidine kinase and green fluorescent protein: implications for noninvasive imaging of transgene expression.Academic Article Why?
Green fluorescent protein as a reporter for retrovirus and helper virus-free HSV-1 amplicon vector-mediated gene transfer into neural cells in culture and in vivo.Academic Article Why?
Regulation of viral gene expression by the herpes simplex virus 1UL24 protein (HSV-1UL24 inhibits accumulation of viral transcripts).Academic Article Why?
Anderson, DeborahPerson Why?
Hainline, ClotildePerson Why?
Ridzon, ReneePerson Why?
Miller, NancyPerson Why?
Jacobs, AlicePerson Why?
Mostoslavsky, GustavoPerson Why?
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