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Oxidation of Terminal Cysteines On HRas during Metabolic Stress Prevents Palmitoylation and Contributes To Endothelial DysfunctionAcademic Article Why?
Somatic mosaicism for an HRAS mutation causes Costello syndrome.Academic Article Why?
Oxidation of HRas cysteine thiols by metabolic stress prevents palmitoylation in vivo and contributes to endothelial cell apoptosis.Academic Article Why?
Bachschmid, MarkusPerson Why?
Costello, CatherinePerson Why?
Burgoyne, JosephPerson Why?
Hoffman, JodiPerson Why?
Haeussler, DagmarPerson Why?
Kumar, VikasPerson Why?
Lin, ChengPerson Why?
McComb, MarkPerson Why?
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